Public Procurement and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP projects)

The awarding and execution of public contracts is governed by complex regulations. Rapidly evolving legislation and extensive European and Belgian jurisprudence do not always make it easy for governments and companies to make correct and well-founded decisions.

If you have been wrongly excluded from an award procedure or if you have not been awarded the contract, an analysis will be carried out to determine whether starting a procedure has a chance of success. The office has extensive knowledge and experience in public procurement and has already argued numerous disputes before the civil courts and before the Council of State and the Court of Justice. The office also provides advice on partnerships between private and public partners (PPP).

If a claim for damages has been filed during the execution of the public contract, the office will assist you and check whether there are any unforeseen circumstances. If necessary, the office mediates with the parties involved.

The office offers support in drawing up specifications and evaluation reports for contracting authorities, schools and other contracting authorities.

The office provides assistance to the contracting authority in analyzing tenders and assistance to tenderers in the context of submitting tenders. 

The office provides assistance during the award phase and the execution phase of a public contract.